Aaand It’s 2017

Home for Christmas & Back in Time for The New Year’s Lurgy

Even though I’ve lived in the UK 6 years now I’ve actually had 7 Christmasses over here – so we decided that for 2016 it was about time for a Midwest American Christmas!  Seeing family & friends was just what I needed, though I regret not being a better planner because there were friends I didn’t manage to spend time with.  My husband was a real trooper, especially considering how many noisy (and adorable!) kids there were and how… uh… talkative… and uhmm… “singative” – my sisters and I are when we get together, and how many hours of barren cornfield land we had to drive through to get to my parent’s respective houses.

Anyway, my family is fantastic and my friends are amazing and it was a great visit…. a visit marred only by the fact that the home of my adolescence had been torn down by developers to eventually build a pair of faux craftsman cottages.  I really wanted to show my husband the cool house I grew up in, but instead he got to see an empty lot with a hole in the ground.  It was my own Grosse Pointe Blank moment.

Anyhoo – we got back home and back to work.  All good stuff especially considering our cat missed us so much he has taken to lapsitting, which he never did before.  However it wasn’t long before I was stricken with the dreaded lurgy!  Everybody and their brother seems to have had some kind of virus/bug/crud this year.  I eventually got better, had a few days of renewed pep and vigor before I immediately came down with a second, lesser lurgy…. the dreaded common cold.

So, to be honest, 2017 isn’t impressing me very much, but I remain optimistic!  At any rate, I definitely feel better and I’m coming out the other side now.  So this morning I decided to update my Twitter header from this depiction of January blah:

Twitter Header January - Beth Carson

To a mildly optimistic February less-blah:

Twitter Header Vector Art February

So, that’s all for now – I’ll leave you with this little self portrait I whipped up today, to use as a profile pic on LinkedIn I think!  Gave myself a vague shades of Pop Art look with some halftoning.  Take care, everybody!

Self Portrait

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