October is Here!

As much as I love springtime in England, I get really excited when autumn comes around.  Maybe it’s because I’m from the Midwest, and traditionally fall is when the weather cools down enough to actually get outside and enjoy things.  Also, cooler weather means I can get the wool out!  It’s great.  The chilly air, the crisp leaves – the smell of the Rayburn (our very eco-unfriendly coal burning cast-iron stove) – and of course, Halloween!  Sadly, I’m off coffee – so no pumpkin spice lattes for me.  Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

So I thought today I would share some Halloween-themed artwork from my time at The Other Player.  I really enjoy making seasonal artwork, and all the holiday stuff seems to kick off in October.  I am pretty sure that I’ve got more Halloween stuff hidden away, but I think I’ll hang onto it until little bit later in the month!

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