Spooky Halloween Computer Horror Stories

Witch, Jack o' Lantern & Cauldron | Art by Beth Carson

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

I decided that this weekend would be a computer art weekend for me, and a big part of that was taking time to play with & learn the new Adobe product Character Animator.  This actually means a lot of Illustrator work to make the ‘puppets’ and not so much Character Animator work.  Unfortunately I ran into some stumbling blocks.

So it seems that this is what happens when you sit down to do some computer stuff after a bit of an absence:  everything needs updating.  Windows 10, All the software, all the drivers.  And it takes forever to download.

Once I finally got most of that stuff sorted, I popped into Character Animator.  I had a puppet and some audio recorded – so I went ahead and tried to “Computer Lip Sync from Scene Audio” – CA told me it would take 40 minutes so I found this the perfect opportunity to traipse downstairs and watch something scary in honor of Halloween.

While I was laying on the couch watching American Horror Story, (wondering “Why would anyone go BACK to that house?!?”) my computer was upstairs… crashed.  Apparently computing 15 min of dialogue is a bit too much for a program that is still in development.  But hey, I wanted to put it through its paces!

After that point I was feeling a little bit deflated.  When I tried to record audio straight into the program I suddenly started experiencing mic issues.  Thwarted!  It was evening by then so I decided to call it a day.

This morning the clocks rolled back but I was wide awake by 7 – and decided I was definitely, 100% going to update my twitter header even if Halloween is tomorrow and it will be out of date in a few days.  Naturally while working I started noticing some Illustrator hiccups.  I found myself muttering – “Man, these Illustrator updates stink” followed by “Wow, have I lost my touch?”

It was neither of these things, dear reader – my stylus had broken!  

But then a Halloween Miracle happened – I remembered that I have a perfect, pristine spare stylus.  Yes.  I really do.  I keep a spare one on hand.  Always be prepared!  Yes, I was a girl scout.  So I retired the broken one and kept on drawin’!

This is my exciting Halloween weekend tale.  I hope you have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe out there!



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