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Witch Game Art - Copyright The Other Player, Art by Beth Carson

Which Witch? This Witch!

Well, were halfway through October already.  I almost can’t believe it.  This year is racing by.  At work, we are gearing up …

Bakery Outside Game Art - The Other Player Art by Beth Carson

2D Game Art – Layouts

I spent 4 and a half years as the artist and animator for a company making iPhone games – The Other Player.  During this time …

Kitronik Colour Changing USB Lamp Kit

Bank Holiday Maker Fun

Well, the weather has pretty much let us down this August Bank Holiday.  Saturday brought fine enough weather for hula hooping and …

Paints and Paintbrushes

My Big News – Stepping out into Ebay

Over the years I’ve mainly been a ‘jobbing’ artist – getting hired to create artworks on other people’s projects.  Selling standalone artwork is …